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Author Bob Burg on Glenn Beck talking about the principles of his book ‘The Go-Giver’

Listen to this 15-minute interview ( from the 38:00 minute mark through the 54:00 minute mark) or read the book, ‘The Go-Giver’ by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

A few quotes from this interview:

GLENN: I read [The Go-Giver] this fall and I’m changing my company a great deal. And someone gave this to me and said, Glenn, this is what you’re trying to do with your company. You have to read it. I was so moved by this book, I bought all 300 employees, I bought everybody a copy of the The Go-Giver and gave it to them for Christmas. You know, Merry Christmas.

BOB: I cannot tell you how honored I am by that, Glenn. To have one of my heroes embrace the book like that and give it out as a gift. It’s beyond being honored.

GLENN:  Bob, tell the story of this book.

BOB: It’s about a young up-and-comer. Ambitious, aggressive well-meaning guy who is really frustrated. As much as he’s working hard, he’s very much focused on himself. He’s what we would call a go taker. We love go-getters because they take action. He was a go-taker. A guy focused only on himself. Who owed what to him and everything was about him. The very valuable lesson he learned was that shifting his focus from getting to giving.

In this context, when we say giving, we mean consistently and constantly providing value to each other. It’s not only a nice way to live life, it’s a very profitable way as well. It’s the actual ultimate embodiment of a free market-based economy. It’s about liberty. People willingly buying and selling and trading with one another. If you want to be successful in a free market-based economy, you have to focus on value, on thinking more about others than yourself. Bringing value to others.

GLENN: No. Capitalism done wrong is selfish. And you will never get anywhere. In the long-run it will all end. It’s the reason why Goldman Sachs has fallen so far. They used to be, let’s do the right thing for the client. Even if it’s the wrong thing for us in the short-term, it will be the right thing in the long-term. Let’s do the right thing for the client. It becomes service oriented. And capitalism at its best, how can I make somebody’s life better and easier? How can I help people? And if you truly love whoever it is that your customer is, if you truly love them —

GLENN: I look at the younger generation, and I think, they’ve never been more free. They’ve never had more opportunity ever in the history of the world. And I really think that the younger generation actually does get it.

They want to do — nobody wants to go to work and just be part of a machine or a cog. They want to go to work because they want to feel like they’re making a difference. They’re changing something. They’re doing something of value. And do you have faith that in the world as it’s changing so rapidly, that without a real champion for, you know, the principles laid out in your book the go giver, that this will catch on?

BOB: [People] today, they kind of get it and they want to be free and they know they can create. And the thing about value is when value for value is exchanged, it creates a bigger pie. It creates a pie of abundance. We don’t need to redistribute a limited pie. Instead, we create a bigger pie. And that’s really what I hope The Go-Giver is about. That’s exactly what I believe true free market capitalism is about.

I think the key is to act in alignment, act congruently with your values. The people that write the check for $10,000 for their local animal shelters, they’re doing that because it aligns with their values. They feel better about doing that than not doing that.

I love it when people make a profit because profit helps everyone. But the key though is to make a profit by providing much more in use value than what you take in cash value.

The accountant who charges $1,000 to do someone’s tax return, but through their effort, their diligence, their caring, they save that person $5,000 in taxes. They provide them with peace of mind and security, so the person who is the buyer gets much more in value than what they’re paying, but the accountant is very happy to sell his or her time for a thousand dollars.

GLENN: Bob, I’d love to have you back on television, maybe spend an hour, and you can go through The Five Laws [of Stratospheric Success]. If you really want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem and you just want a new way of looking at business, I can’t recommend highly enough the The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea.

IF these principles resonate with you and you want to do business with others who believe this way, I invite you to join my success group.


District 3 Arizona Toastmasters: Public Speaker’s Bureau Resources

Arizona Toastmasters: Find a Speaker for Your Group or Event

Toastmasters Speaker’s Bureau

What is the Speakers Bureau?
The District 3 Speakers Bureau is provided as a community public service of the Toastmasters organization of Arizona (District 3).  There is no charge for these speakers when contacted through the District 3 Speakers Bureau Directory.

Some of the members listed do speak professionally and may be available for other engagements on a fee basis. The Bureau does not become involved in the scheduling of paid engagements, nor does it have jurisdiction over fees charged.

Many Toastmasters are willing to travel outside their area, however some do ask that their travel expenses be paid.

Each person has titled his/her speech and given the approximate time parameters. However, many are also willing to prepare speeches which will serve your specific interests. Please contact speakers directly. The Bureau is not responsible for setting up speaking engagements.

The Speakers Bureau Directory of District 3 Toastmasters has been compiled so that you may present excellent programs to your organization and so that our Toastmaster members may share with you their expertise and skills as speakers.
1. The Toastmasters Speakers Bureau is a community service of the Toastmasters organization.

2. An opportunity for Toastmasters to develop their speaking skills by speaking before non-Toastmasters audiences.

3. An opportunity to share Toastmasters with others.

If you have any questions or if you know of  organizations that need speakers, please contact the Speakers Bureau Chairman at
[“speakers”  at]

Randy Gage ‘Prosperity’ quote

One of Randy Gage’s quotes states:
“Prosperity is your birthright and your natural condition. Prosperity is all around you. There is no place on earth that prosperity is not.”

Do you believe this is true/false and why?


Your action plan for today…Implement! Your action for today is to see if you have had a good idea that you haven’t yet implemented and consider doing it.

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