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How Do You Measure a Twitter Campaign?

Some great advice and 16 tools (many totally FREE) to measure the success of your Twitter campaign, depending on your goals.

Twitter's Analytics Tool

Twitter’s Analytics Tool

  • How far did my message reach? [Reach]
  • How did the audience react to my message? [Engagement]
  • What was the outcome of the broadcasted message [Leads, Brand Awareness, Sales]

SOURCE: Business 2 Community


Best Time to Post on Twitter and Facebook by Time Zone

AUTHOR: [Infographic]


Big AHA moment here with Time Zones and best times to tweet and post. If your business is nationwide, 48% of the U.S. population lives on Eastern Time and another 33% on Central Time, meaning 80% of the U.S. population lives east of the Mississippi.  You might want to schedule your posts to your biggest audience.


13 Free Social Media Analytics Tools and Reports by Simply Measured

AUTHOR: Simply Measured

Feedback is crucial to be able to see if/how what you are doing (have done) is actually working and getting you closer to your goals. Simply Measured’s reports are laid out in a very readable and user-friendly way. And…they were…FREE! 🙂 Upsell reports also available, but 13 absolute freebies here.

I got a free Twitter account analysis…and it even let me export it to Excel. Required me to authorize my Twitter account…took 5 seconds and automatically generated the report in my browser window.

The Social Traffic Report requires access to your Google Analytics Account.

Other free and paid reports available for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and blog traffic.


Free Social Media Analytics Tools by Simply Measured

Free Social Media Analytics Tools by Simply Measured


The Business Owner’s Cheat Sheet on Driving Traffic to Your Website – Business Accelerator Blog

Let’s get back to the basics for better RESULTS!
More traffic = more leads = more prospects = more customers.
via Connect With Greg

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