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How to Use Twiends to Get Twitter Followers

The biggest challenge of most Twitter users is getting more followers. Unless you’re a celebrity or you are otherwise well-known enough to have a large existing following, you’re relegated to being like the rest of us… a ‘regular’ person trying to stand out among the masses.

I’ve had some great success recently using Twiends ( to gain Twitter followers, but I have learned a few things I’d like to share to make your experience easier and more effective.

While there are many tips and hacks to get more followers, one of the easiest and most straightforward ways is to follow people first and hope they follow you in return. While this is easy to do up to the first 2,000 people you follow, this gets a lot tougher above this mark.

If you’re not already aware, Twitter allows you to follow as many Twitter profiles as you want to…until you reach the 2,000 mark. After that, Twitter limits you to follow only about 5%-10% more people than who follow you. In other words, to follow 2001 people, you’ll need to already have at least roughly 1800-1900 followers. Every time you try to follow past this limit, Twitter will block your follow attempts until your follower count catches up with the number of people you are following. You’ll likely end up following a lot of profiles, waiting to see if they follow you back, then unfollowing those who don’t.

Here is a link to Ted Coiné’s blog – a fantastic explanation of my Twitter Follow-Back Policy and why I use it…AND much expressed much better than I could have written it myself. haha

To make this easier on yourself, it would be helpful to follow people who are more likely to follow you back. By following the right people in the first place, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, focus, and effort.

A great indicator of whether someone will follow you back is to look at their Follow-to-Follower ratio. In other words, how many of their existing followers have they followed back? This will show you if they are more or less likely to follow you back.

When deciding whom to follow (or NOT to follow) on Twiends, there’s a quick trick you can use to stack the odds of a followback in your favor. If you hover over a profile you’ll see a quick overview of that user, including how many people who follow them… AND how many people they’ve followed back. Since your goal is to get followbacks, avoiding people who aren’t likely to follow you back will save you a lot of time and effort.

Click on each of the pictures below to see which Twiends users would be best to follow and also those to avoid:

You can find me on Twiends:
and on Twitter:

Please leave a comment below or share this post if this has been helpful to you.


How Can I Help You Be More Successful in Your Marketing?

I help busy entrepreneurs set up step-by-step marketing systems.

What Marketing Improvement Would Be Worth $30 and One Hour to Have Completed?

Small companies tend to have more limited budgets. To help with that, I like to break down larger systems into their smaller components. This provides the opportunity for smaller companies to assemble their own customized marketing system in small steps, rather than having to risk a huge initial investment in time and money.

I’m putting together some new 60-minute online marketing workshops, so I’m looking to offer you the most help and value I can for an affordable price. I find that I’m able to offer even more value by leveraging my time in an online group setting.

In this workshop, I will actually walk you through a process so that, by the end of the hour, you will actually HAVE SOMETHING DONE AND IN PLACE. Learning new information is fun, but busy entrepreneurs sometimes just need to get things done, rather than just spending an hour and $30 learning about it, just to have to spend more time actually figuring out how to put your new knowledge into action. 😉

Which of these (choose as many as you like or add your own ‘Other’) do you need right now and would be worth $20-$30 to get done in a 60-minute online group workshop setting?

How to Get Past Twitter’s 2000 Following Limit Ratio

When talking with new clients about setting up a Twitter account, one of the initial questions they ask me is, “How many people should I follow? 100? 1000? 5000?” It would seem like ‘more is better’, but this time it really only applies to Followers. Also Twitter imposes an arbitrary limit on the number of accounts you can follow…and that limit is you can Follow 2000 other Twitter users on each account. When I get this question, I tend to share with them my own experience ‘pushing Twitter’s limits’. 😉

At the time, I had about 1400 Followers when I hit my 2000 limit and found I couldn’t Follow any more Twitter users. I did some online research and found a few articles that said, to get over Twitter’s limit, I’d need an approximate 80%-90% Following:Follower Ratio (this is not an exact ratio because no one knows… Twitter won’t tell anyone what their rule for this actually is). So I did the math and it looked like I needed about 1600-1800-ish FollowERS to be able to be FollowING more people. Once achieved, then I’d be able to follow new Twitterers again.

The article, and info on Twitter Support, seemed to say that all you had to do was get over the 2000 Follower mark and the ratio limits would be lifted from that point forward. After all, I had seen accounts following 10,000 or more users, SO I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, spending the next three full work days getting my next 600 Followers. This required a great amount of pleading, begging, messaging, UNfollowing people who weren’t following me back (btw, my online tool of choice was, then finding users willing to follow me once I followed them. All a very convoluted and frustrating process, even with supposed accounts to help you find people willing to do this. Many still did not return my follow which meant I had to then UNfollow them and try to find more people to take a chance on. Over and over, round and round, unfollow 100, follow 100, get 10 follow-backs, unfollow 90, follow 90, get 5 follow-backs…blah blah blah…UGH!!

FINALLY! After three days of this I was able to Follow my 2002nd person. Woohoo!! I was home free, off and running, nobody could hold me back now!! hahahahaaaa! But then… as soon as I went back to FollowBack all the people whom I was unable to before, I AGAIN ran into Twitter’s ratio limit at about my 2150th FollowBack. W…T…H?? I went BACK to researching and re-read Twitter’s support page ( The language is a little ambiguous, and could be read a couple different ways…EITHER the ratio applies up to the 2000 Followers mark OR remains in effect forever even past the 2000 mark. NOW I see that the 80-ish% ratio continues to be in effect forrrr…ehhh…verrrr even after 2000 Following. Boooooooo! 😦

Now, I’m having to rethink how I’ll use Twitter moving forward. Do I need to create more accounts to get more followers? I can now see why there are so many multiple and spam accounts out there. I think Twitter may actually be causing their own worst problems with their arbitrary rules. Not sure, but at least I can FollowBack those who Follow me, even though I still cannot Follow ALL the accounts I find interesting or helpful.

If you found this post helped you, please let me know in the comment box below. I also have other posts about how to use Twitter more effectively.

UPDATE 2014-09-25:
For UNFollowing people who don’t follow me back, I’ve also found and been using these free sites…let me know if you try and like them!

UPDATE 2014-12-10:
I’ve chosen NOT to add additional accounts to increase my following. Rather, I’m learning to play within the Twitter guidelines. Ugh, I feel like such a conformist haha. I’m more proactive about monitoring my Following:Follower ratio.

If you visit my Twitter account at ConnectWithGreg™, I usually have maybe a few hundred fewer Followers than Following from my natural progression of Following, Waiting To See IF They FollowBack, Then Unfollowing Those Not Interested In A Mutually Beneficial Connection.

I’m finding better people to follow (more likely to follow back) using
I usually give them 3-7 days to Follow Back, before I have to unfollow them to be able to follow more people.
I like to manage my Unfollowing.

Here is a link to Ted Coiné’s blog – a fantastic explanation of my Twitter Follow-Back Policy and why I use it…AND much expressed much better than I could have written it myself. haha

How about you? Have you had or heard of any similar experiences? Agree? Disagree? Any thoughts? Workarounds? Strategies you’d care to share? I look forward to discussing them in the comment section below.

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How Do You Measure a Twitter Campaign?

Some great advice and 16 tools (many totally FREE) to measure the success of your Twitter campaign, depending on your goals.

Twitter's Analytics Tool

Twitter’s Analytics Tool

  • How far did my message reach? [Reach]
  • How did the audience react to my message? [Engagement]
  • What was the outcome of the broadcasted message [Leads, Brand Awareness, Sales]

SOURCE: Business 2 Community

How to Add Cool Symbols to Your Tweets

Set Your Tweets Apart With Some…  😉 ‘Symbolism’ 😉

If you want to ►Get Noticed◄ and ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ show off your unique individual personality █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ at the same time, try adding some quick and easy ♥✩♬♡►♪☺♫ Symbols♥✩♬♡►♪☺♫ to your Tweets!

The Ultimate Guide to Adding Cool Symbols to Your Tweets

ASCII Charts for Keyboard Shortcuts
ascii-0-127.gif (1115×809)
ascii-128-255.gif (1115×809)

Copy/Paste These Symbols into Your Tweets

50 Tweetable Twitter Tips You Wish You Knew Years Ago

Check out this massive list of 50 Tweetable #TwitterTips.
These are in an easy Click-To-Tweet format.
Let us know which is your favorite?



Here are some additional ideas to make your Tweets more successful! 

11 Social Media Platforms for Business: Side-by-Side Strengths & Weaknesses Comparison


Which social media platform will be most effective for your desired outcome?

Great quick comparison of some of the most popular Social Platforms and where you should be to distribute your message most effectively.

Compare Customer Communication, Brand Exposure, Site Traffic, and SEO qualities of 11 social platforms.


Best Time to Post on Twitter and Facebook by Time Zone

AUTHOR: [Infographic]


Big AHA moment here with Time Zones and best times to tweet and post. If your business is nationwide, 48% of the U.S. population lives on Eastern Time and another 33% on Central Time, meaning 80% of the U.S. population lives east of the Mississippi.  You might want to schedule your posts to your biggest audience.


We Appreciate Our 1000 Twitter Followers

Thanks so much for all your Follows!
We’re very honored to be of service in your quest for online success! 

You All Rock!

Honored to be of service in your quest for online success.

You All Rock!

Thanks To Our First 1000 Followers!

13 Free Social Media Analytics Tools and Reports by Simply Measured

AUTHOR: Simply Measured

Feedback is crucial to be able to see if/how what you are doing (have done) is actually working and getting you closer to your goals. Simply Measured’s reports are laid out in a very readable and user-friendly way. And…they were…FREE! 🙂 Upsell reports also available, but 13 absolute freebies here.

I got a free Twitter account analysis…and it even let me export it to Excel. Required me to authorize my Twitter account…took 5 seconds and automatically generated the report in my browser window.

The Social Traffic Report requires access to your Google Analytics Account.

Other free and paid reports available for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and blog traffic.


Free Social Media Analytics Tools by Simply Measured

Free Social Media Analytics Tools by Simply Measured


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