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District 3 Arizona Toastmasters: Public Speaker’s Bureau Resources

Arizona Toastmasters: Find a Speaker for Your Group or Event

Toastmasters Speaker’s Bureau

What is the Speakers Bureau?
The District 3 Speakers Bureau is provided as a community public service of the Toastmasters organization of Arizona (District 3).  There is no charge for these speakers when contacted through the District 3 Speakers Bureau Directory.

Some of the members listed do speak professionally and may be available for other engagements on a fee basis. The Bureau does not become involved in the scheduling of paid engagements, nor does it have jurisdiction over fees charged.

Many Toastmasters are willing to travel outside their area, however some do ask that their travel expenses be paid.

Each person has titled his/her speech and given the approximate time parameters. However, many are also willing to prepare speeches which will serve your specific interests. Please contact speakers directly. The Bureau is not responsible for setting up speaking engagements.

The Speakers Bureau Directory of District 3 Toastmasters has been compiled so that you may present excellent programs to your organization and so that our Toastmaster members may share with you their expertise and skills as speakers.
1. The Toastmasters Speakers Bureau is a community service of the Toastmasters organization.

2. An opportunity for Toastmasters to develop their speaking skills by speaking before non-Toastmasters audiences.

3. An opportunity to share Toastmasters with others.

If you have any questions or if you know of  organizations that need speakers, please contact the Speakers Bureau Chairman at
[“speakers”  at]


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