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GGI Member Community – The Go-Giver Way

Join me as part of a worldwide community of individuals who live their lives and conduct their businesses…The Go-Giver Way!
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Go-Giver Companies – The Go-Giver Way

My 3 favorite lines from this article:
1. When I’m asked for examples [of Go-Giver companies], it often surprises people when I advise them to simply look at any company that has a record of sustained profitability.
2, They must give more in value than they take in payment, while still making a very healthy profit.
3. They must serve many people with their exceptional value.
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New Testosterone Booster Hits the Shelves

ConnectWith™ Authenticity… Give your visitors every reason not to distrust doing business with you, and an affordable solution to their problem, and they WILL buy from you.

Absolutely disregard the sales message, but after you click, click on a few of the links in the nav bar (Business, Finance, Lifestyle, etc). Now
take a look at the domain

Now ask yourself…Do you trust this site enough to buy from it? Consumers are smart enough to know when they are just being SOLD or when you have an authentic solution to their problem.
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WordPress › Twenty Eleven « Free WordPress Themes

I’m working on a brand-update project that includes getting a client’s site updated and moved to a new WP theme and hosted site. Site is focused on marathon runners. They are looking for a template that is clean and neat. So far, they like the Twenty Eleven template (

Two questions:
1. Do you have any other theme suggestions I might want to show them?
2. Any tips/tricks on transferring site content to new WP theme?

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Three Guys In Their 20′s Fixed In A Matter Of Days (VIDEO)

Gotta love small business entrepreneurs! They can figure out what needs done and how to do it better than the gov’t.
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