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Archive for the category “WordPress” vs comparison…which is the best fit for your needs?

If you’re considering using WordPress for your blog and/or website, you may or may not already realize that WordPress offers two separate and different options for your consideration:
1) – WordPress hosted blogging platform
2) – WordPress self-hosted blogging/website platform

If this seems confusing to you, you’re not alone! Even the WordPress logo is identical, except for the color ( is black, is blue). So which one should you choose? Well, that depends on your technical skills, your budget, what you want it to do for you and your business, and a few other criteria that only you can answer.

Here is some quick useful info (2 articles and 1 video) from three separate WordPress experts to help you make a more informed decision on which WordPress is right for you. Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comment box below.
Simple-Line-Dark-9.gif vs
A Definitive Guide For 2014

Author: Raelene Wilson at

Click for more comparisons - vs

A quick comparison of features – vs


Self Hosted
vs. Free

Author: Syed Balkhi at

Click for more in-depth comparison: Self Hosted vs. Free

Self Hosted vs. Free [Infographic]

Simple-Line-Dark-9.gif or


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How Can I Help You Be More Successful in Your Marketing?

I help busy entrepreneurs set up step-by-step marketing systems.

What Marketing Improvement Would Be Worth $30 and One Hour to Have Completed?

Small companies tend to have more limited budgets. To help with that, I like to break down larger systems into their smaller components. This provides the opportunity for smaller companies to assemble their own customized marketing system in small steps, rather than having to risk a huge initial investment in time and money.

I’m putting together some new 60-minute online marketing workshops, so I’m looking to offer you the most help and value I can for an affordable price. I find that I’m able to offer even more value by leveraging my time in an online group setting.

In this workshop, I will actually walk you through a process so that, by the end of the hour, you will actually HAVE SOMETHING DONE AND IN PLACE. Learning new information is fun, but busy entrepreneurs sometimes just need to get things done, rather than just spending an hour and $30 learning about it, just to have to spend more time actually figuring out how to put your new knowledge into action. 😉

Which of these (choose as many as you like or add your own ‘Other’) do you need right now and would be worth $20-$30 to get done in a 60-minute online group workshop setting?

Add Pinterest to Your WordPress Blog or Website

Want to embed your Pinterest Profile, Board, or Pin in your blog or self-hosted site?

Here’s how on your Blogs…

Here’s how on your WordPress self-hosted site…

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WordPress SEO Tip for Beginners – How to Optimize Your Blog Posts

Make Internal Linking a Habit!

For better SEO and longer visitor stays, link to your own content. Once you have blogged for a while, you’ll have enough content to be able to send new readers to check out your older relevant posts.

WordPress allows you to search for your old posts and link to them right inside the post editor

WordPress allows you to search for your old posts and link to them right inside the post editor #WordPress #SEO Tips for Beginners – How to Optimize Your Blog Posts

Rename the WordPress Blog ‘Uncategorized’ Category

WordPress Tip:
Rename the ‘Uncategorized’ category on your WordPress blogs and sites for a more professional look.

I chose one of the most broad categories I could think of for my particular blog…’Social Media’. So now when visitors see my posts, even if I forgot to ‘categorize’ that particular post, the visitor likely won’t notice the difference AND will still be searchable for that keyword tag/category.

More ideas here:

How Do I Embed Google Plus Comments In WordPress?

How Do I Embed Google Plus Comments In WordPress?
Create more engagement by making it easy for visitors to comment with The Comments Evolved Plugin.


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