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Goodwill and Credibility as LinkedIn Currency?

This is a great 51 minute interview with Rick Itzkowich, The LinkedIn Guy.

Rick talks about how to make real connections with real people to get real referrals by spending about 1 hour per week on LinkedIn.

Rick Itzkowich, The LinkedIn Guy

Rick Itzkowich, The LinkedIn Guy


The Common Denominator of Billionaires | Bob Burg

If you are ‘passionately broke’, let’s work together to communicate more of your value to your marketplace. 😀
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Who’s Your Ideal Customer? Targeting Your Marketing

Picture your Ideal best or most profitable customer. I target your marketing to ConnectWith™ more of this customer.
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7 Twitter Marketing Tips – via @JamesBlute

7 Twitter Marketing Tips – via @JamesBlute My favorite is #7: The 140 Bounce.
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Gelie Akhenblit on Klout

I gave @NetworkingPhx +K about Marketing on @klout You rock, Gelie!
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Learn To Blog | Learn The Secret Success Strategies Of Profitable Blogs

Thinking about starting a blog? Discover the top 3 plugins and more in this free 7-video series: #Blogging #Bloggers
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via Connect With Greg

Greg Loo

Influence, as defined by Klout, is ‘the ability to drive an action related to someone’s comments, likes, tweets and retweets.’

Businesses can use Klout to understand how #influential they are and to see about which topics they are presumably influential.
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