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How to Use Twiends to Get Twitter Followers

The biggest challenge of most Twitter users is getting more followers. Unless you’re a celebrity or you are otherwise well-known enough to have a large existing following, you’re relegated to being like the rest of us… a ‘regular’ person trying to stand out among the masses.

I’ve had some great success recently using Twiends ( to gain Twitter followers, but I have learned a few things I’d like to share to make your experience easier and more effective.

While there are many tips and hacks to get more followers, one of the easiest and most straightforward ways is to follow people first and hope they follow you in return. While this is easy to do up to the first 2,000 people you follow, this gets a lot tougher above this mark.

If you’re not already aware, Twitter allows you to follow as many Twitter profiles as you want to…until you reach the 2,000 mark. After that, Twitter limits you to follow only about 5%-10% more people than who follow you. In other words, to follow 2001 people, you’ll need to already have at least roughly 1800-1900 followers. Every time you try to follow past this limit, Twitter will block your follow attempts until your follower count catches up with the number of people you are following. You’ll likely end up following a lot of profiles, waiting to see if they follow you back, then unfollowing those who don’t.

Here is a link to Ted Coiné’s blog – a fantastic explanation of my Twitter Follow-Back Policy and why I use it…AND much expressed much better than I could have written it myself. haha

To make this easier on yourself, it would be helpful to follow people who are more likely to follow you back. By following the right people in the first place, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, focus, and effort.

A great indicator of whether someone will follow you back is to look at their Follow-to-Follower ratio. In other words, how many of their existing followers have they followed back? This will show you if they are more or less likely to follow you back.

When deciding whom to follow (or NOT to follow) on Twiends, there’s a quick trick you can use to stack the odds of a followback in your favor. If you hover over a profile you’ll see a quick overview of that user, including how many people who follow them… AND how many people they’ve followed back. Since your goal is to get followbacks, avoiding people who aren’t likely to follow you back will save you a lot of time and effort.

Click on each of the pictures below to see which Twiends users would be best to follow and also those to avoid:

You can find me on Twiends:
and on Twitter:

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How Can I Help You Be More Successful in Your Marketing?

I help busy entrepreneurs set up step-by-step marketing systems.

What Marketing Improvement Would Be Worth $30 and One Hour to Have Completed?

Small companies tend to have more limited budgets. To help with that, I like to break down larger systems into their smaller components. This provides the opportunity for smaller companies to assemble their own customized marketing system in small steps, rather than having to risk a huge initial investment in time and money.

I’m putting together some new 60-minute online marketing workshops, so I’m looking to offer you the most help and value I can for an affordable price. I find that I’m able to offer even more value by leveraging my time in an online group setting.

In this workshop, I will actually walk you through a process so that, by the end of the hour, you will actually HAVE SOMETHING DONE AND IN PLACE. Learning new information is fun, but busy entrepreneurs sometimes just need to get things done, rather than just spending an hour and $30 learning about it, just to have to spend more time actually figuring out how to put your new knowledge into action. 😉

Which of these (choose as many as you like or add your own ‘Other’) do you need right now and would be worth $20-$30 to get done in a 60-minute online group workshop setting?

“Learn How to Make 6-Figures In Any Online Business Using a Simple 3-Part Blog Formula”

Free #LearnToBlog webinar coming up. Great info.
I continue to learn a lot from these guys!

– Matt Wolfe & Bradley Will, Founders, Owners

Click here for upcoming webinar dates/times.

Google+ for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

Exciting 6-week course, Shannon Hernandez, on Google+ training for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners. You always provide valuable G+ info.

Google+ for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

Google+ for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

The Business Owner’s Cheat Sheet on Driving Traffic to Your Website – Business Accelerator Blog

Let’s get back to the basics for better RESULTS!
More traffic = more leads = more prospects = more customers.
via Connect With Greg

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