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Do you need YELP 😉 with marketing your business locally? Check out this free workshop and find out.
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How to Boost Lead Generation With Inbound Marketing

4 Simple Ideas To Generate Even More Leads From Your Existing Company Website.
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Do you know your agency’s sales cycle? – Build a Better Agency

‘Sales Funnels’ should be called ‘Relationship Funnels’. You need to ConnectWith™ potential clients in an authentic way. Get to know them and give them time to get to know you, like you, and TRUST you. Offer a valuable solution to their needs. A ‘Sales’ should simply be the natural result of creating a Win-Win Relationship.
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4 Steps to an Effective Facebook Sales Funnel

“4 Steps to an Effective Facebook Sales Funnel” Step 1: ConnectWith™ people who are likely to buy from you…TODAY!
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