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What is the PURPOSE / GOAL of your blog?

What will your blog message be?

What will your blog message be?

Blogging is becoming more and more popular everyday and there are many reasons WHY people blog. While blogs can be written about any topic, the reasons WHY the blogger started the blog usually helps guide the blog’s most effective style and desired audience.

Should you join the blogosphere? Before you start a blog (or as you continue developing your existing blog} take a moment to consider the reason WHY you want to be a blogger…ask yourself:

  • What are my short- and long-term goals for my blog?
  • Is my blog personal or business/professional?
  • Do I want to make money, inform, share, have fun, other?
  • What would be my ultimate desired end result from my blogging investment in time, focus, and energy?
  • Who would my ideal audience be? Who do I want to reach?

Make sure the reason why you want to blog matches your blog goals, or you won’t be able to keep churning out quality content and your blog will most likely fail. Be aware of your own personal WHY and align your goals with this, and you could have a very popular and successful blog that fulfills you personally and achieves your higher purpose.

I’m interested in hearing why YOU are interested in blogging.
Please take a moment to join your fellow bloggers in the poll below.

  2. ADD YOUR OWN reason in the OTHER field at the bottom.

Wishing you success and fulfillment in your blogging endeavors! 😀

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Go-Giver Companies – The Go-Giver Way

My 3 favorite lines from this article:
1. When I’m asked for examples [of Go-Giver companies], it often surprises people when I advise them to simply look at any company that has a record of sustained profitability.
2, They must give more in value than they take in payment, while still making a very healthy profit.
3. They must serve many people with their exceptional value.
via Connect With Greg

Hot Facebook Marketing Tip #4 from the Top Pros

Hot Facebook Marketing Tip #4 From the Top Pros
Include pictures in your Facebook updates.

Have you used Social Media like #1-4?

Have you used Social Media like #1-4? Hate to admit, but I have. Oops! #5 from now on. Let’s Be More Awesome…TOGETHER!

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