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Are You a Giver, a Taker, or a Matcher?

What are your philosophies about Giving and Receiving?

Givers, Takers, and Matchers: The Surprising Science of Success:

“According to conventional wisdom, highly successful people have three things in common: motivation, ability, and opportunity. If we want to succeed, we need a combination of hard work, talent, and luck. [But there is] a fourth ingredient, one that’s critical but often neglected: success depends heavily on how we approach our interactions with other people. Every time we interact with another person at work, we have a choice to make: do we try to claim as much value as we can, or contribute value without worrying about what we receive in return?” <…read more>


Read the first chapter of this book, ‘Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success’, for FREE on Amazon!


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