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How to Network with an Elephant in the Room

Larry has some great info here and I especially love the picture in the Breakup section…priceless!! lol

Networking HQ BLOG with Larry James

Ivan Misner, Guest Author

Most experienced networkers know that it’s nearly inevitable, especially in established business-networking groups, that you wind up in situations with people whom you simply just… can’t stand to be around.

network-elephant-in-roomDrama or bad blood can occur any time we occupy the same space with other humans. But they’re even more likely where wide varieties of people and personalities interact. Business-networking meetings are included in these situations by their very nature.

Several reasons exist why you might wind up in a business networking situation with someone you’d rather not have to encounter. Here are three of the most common and suggestions for navigating them gracefully.

1. Poor referrals

The main purpose of networking groups is to develop close enough relationships between members to refer business to one another.

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