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Who Am I and Why Would You Want to ConnectWithGreg™?

Thanks for stopping by…and thanks for asking! ;)

My name is Greg (I know…big surprise, right?! lol). In my personal time, I like to travel, discover and experience new things, and spend time with positive people.  In business, it is my passion to ConnectWith™ positive individuals who want to become more successful and want to make a positive impact for their world and for those around them.

This business blog is focused on helping ‘giving’ people find and ConnectWith™ a bigger online audience (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, etc). I mostly work with small/medium business owners, but also with individuals who just want to find more people who share their passion/vision to better themselves and to make a positive change in the world in some way.

I know your time is valuable, so here are a couple links that will give you a quick idea of who I am and the philosophies I use in my business, relationships, and life. I’ve found these sites offer the best and fastest visuals and short posts to immediately tell you if we share enough similarities in philosophy, humor, and business practices for you to want to connect.
Twiends –

If these pics and posts DO NOT feel like a good match for your personality, business, and/or lifestyle, that’s perfectly OK. I believe strongly that we have enough opportunity online to find people who really add value to our lives, and if I don’t do that for you, I’m certain you’ll find others who do. I still appreciate that you spent a few minutes to visit here and wish you the best in all your future endeavors! :D

Get insider tips, links, and invitations.

Get insider tips, links, and invitations.

If you DO like what you see here and feel that I’m the type of person you’d enjoy hanging out with, I’d love for you to Join My VIP Newsletter. I research and send you the best-of-the-best links, resources, and information I find about how to ConnectWith™ Your Ideal Client online.  Also special event invitations, collaboration opportunities, and resource-sharing.

You also can ConnectWith™ me on one or more of your favorite social spots below so we can get to know each other just a little better. Either way you choose, thank you for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

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